About the GivenGain service

GivenGain helps non-profits build strong, sustainable funding models and also assists individuals achieve extraordinary things while raising money for their favourite causes.

The GivenGain platform enables nonprofit organisations to mobilise their online fundraising at a fraction of the traditional time and cost while enabling individuals to fundraise online for their projects on their behalf in a secure way.
Established in 2001 as Foundations in Switzerland and South Africa, GivenGain has processed more than R400 million in donations and more than 50 000 donors have given to more than 500 organisations worldwide.
The GivenGain service provides your organisation with tools for:
  • Online Publishing: Publish your projects and enable individuals to fundraise on your organisation's behalf.
  • Multi-Currency Donations: Receive once-off or recurring donations in ZAR, USD, GBP, EUR & others, from a credit or debit card or as debit orders from a South African bank account.
  • Email and SMS Communication: Send personalised bulk emails and SMSs to your database contacts.
  • Social Media Integration: Add a Donate link to your cause's Facebook Fan Page with our Facebook app and integrate your Twitter, YouTube and Flickr feeds.
  • Donor Management: Manage database contacts and import or export data from your customised database, with online donors automatically added.

How can your Prodder profile be linked with a GivenGain profile?

As a partnership offering, Prodder and GivenGain have combined forces to enable any organisation registered on the Prodder directory to have an online donation and fundraising link integrated on their Prodder profile, free of charge. See an example here:  SANGONeT.
If you have not done so, get your organisation started now!
  1. Get your organisation listed here.
  2. Apply for a GivenGain Cause account here.
  3. Once your GivenGain Cause account has been activated and set up, both accounts will be integrated within 30 days.
What are the benefits of the Prodder directory and GivenGain service integration?
  • There are no costs to you as an organisation – the integration is entirely free of charge!
  • Your profile on Prodder has additional value by it providing a quick donation method and link to your donors to make it easier than ever to support your projects.
  • Through the online donation and fundraising pages supporters are able to strengthen their online relationship with your organisation.
  • A significantly higher level of exposure to your funding projects.

For more information, download a detailed PDF with all of GivenGain's services:

Website: www.givengain.com