Add Your Details

Information listed in Prodder is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the service. NGOs and other development organisations listed in Prodder are therefore encouraged to review their information regularly and inform the Prodder team at SANGONeT about changes to be made and/or new information to be added. You have the option of managing your own account online or you can have Prodder manage it for you.

First, check if your organisation is listed in Prodder.

Then select from the list below the option that best describes your organisation:

1. My organisation is ALREADY LISTED and I would like our details to be changed

Please forward any new or revised information to, or fax it to 086 685 9191.

2. My organisation is NOT LISTED and I would like SANGONeT to manage our listing

Organisations not yet listed in Prodder are invited to download and complete the Prodder Input Sheet on a Word document. Once completed, please e-mail it to, or fax it to 086 685 9191.

For any enquiries, please contact the Prodder team at SANGONeT:
Tel: 011 403 4935, Fax: 086 685 9191, E-mail: